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A Family Company: Born 1978

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40+ Years
of Quality

For nearly 40 years, LBA has provided the highest quality croissant, French pastries, and laminated doughs that America has to offer. Bringing the idea from France to America, owners Margie, Michel, and Randal set out to provide an artisanal craftsmanship and consistency, previously only seen in boulangeries and restaurants across Europe.


One of the main reasons that our customers say that we make the finest quality product on the market can be directly attributed to the passion and care we put into the formulation and the hands-on approach we take to manufacturing every one of our products. However, equally as important to our quality and equally contributory to our product’s reputation is the fact that we source only the highest quality ingredients available, sparing no expense in order to ensure that the product you purchase performs at the highest levels and brings your business an equally strong reputation and high level of customer satisfaction!


"The highest quality Croissant in America"

— Baking Industry Magazine