Teenager’s Innovation Will Wake You Up with Fresh Baked Croissant and Espresso


Yes Please!

I recently came across an article that brought three of my favorite subjects together. Food, technology, and sleep that I had to share. It just seems too good to be true.

I think most of you would agree, that there is nothing worse than that obnoxious buzz or repetitive song blaring loudly in your ear first thing in the morning, yanking you out of a dreamy sleep. There have been many innovations in wake-up methods, but due to my love of French pastry (and coffee) one particular new method has captured my attention. Thanks to a young French entrepreneur and his team, we will soon be able to peacefully rise with the smell of “Hot Croissant”, simply by setting an alarm clock.

Enter SensorWake. The innovative 18 year old, Guillaume Rolland, currently a part-time engineering student at Universite de Technologie Compiegne in France, decided to beat the struggle of waking up by stimulating the olfactory system before you even open your eyes - an effective way to rise naturally and with a smile, instead of with the desire to take a hammer to the alarm clock. With this creative alarm clock, you can wake up to your favorite scents – from croissants and coffee to the smell of money… I would be interested to see if there might be any positive subliminal effects with that one.

Currently in the development and funding stages, the company’s Kickstarter page shows that the start-up has already beat their goal by over $60,000, and with all the buzz it is bound to keep climbing. There seems to be only one precaution about this new method of waking up – those utilizing the food based scents are most likely going to be hungry!

So, if and when this becomes a household brand, make sure you are stocked with plenty of pastry to feed the ravenous masses.

Alex RobertComment